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iCiPs offers payment system and payment product operators a toolkit helping them in their process of assessing the compliancy of their payments systems and payment products to international payment standards like  the Core Principles for Systemically Important Payment Systems (SIPS) or the Oversight Framework for Card Payment Systems.




This toolkit, the Control Self Assessment Toolkit is a range of products, developed by iCiPs. Payment systems and payments products are object of a National Central Bank’s oversight (a supervisory function) and require a permanent compliancy to the relevant standards. As a consequence the object has to have implemented both the required measures (organisational and technical) and a monitoring process to assure itself to its permanent compliance to the relevant standards. Objective of these assessments is assessing the compliancy of the payment system or payment product against the relevant international payment standard. The toolkit contains questionnaires organised to the general processes of organisations that operate payment systems and/or payment products. The organisation of these questionnaires and the help text offer the user the required user friendliness for an easy and less time consuming answering of the questionnaires. The answered questionnaires will be reviewed by iCiPs. Based on this evaluation, a report will be supplied with the conclusion and recommendations if required and applicable.



Digital Certificates

The conclusion of iCiPs’ evaluation of the answers of the questionnaires given will be aligned to the terms National Central Banks use for expressing their opinion of the outcome of their assessments of payment systems and payment products. Currently these terms are: observed, broadly observed, partly observed, not observed and not applicable. In case the outcome of iCiPs’ evaluation leads to an opinion of “observed” or ‘broadly observed” the client will receive a digital certificate. This certificate can be placed on the website of the client and has a value period of one year. This certificate will show clients and other stakeholders that the client has implemented its internal control of its payment system or payment product on an adequate level.




Implementing the control self assessment process can be regarded as an effective and efficient way of formalising the internal monitoring process. In addition, this implementation will amongst other things lead to improving the awareness of the users’ staff and to a reduction in the involvement of the users’ staff in first and future assessments by the oversight department of the national central bank .



About us

iCiPs is a recently founded organisation which is active in the area of organisation advising to financial institutions. This organisation is founded by
Paul. W. Osse RE RA CISA. Due to the extensive experience in supervising payment systems and products and consultancy in this area, iCiPs can offer the required practical and theoretical support for implementing or improving the internal control process of monitoring compliancy of payment systems or product to international standards. In addition iCiPs has more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in drafting and giving courses. Amongst other things these courses are focused on reviewing the quality of information technology and of payment and settlement systems. These courses were given both in the Netherlands and abroad





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